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Let Your Website Reflect Your Personality

A business website is not just information for your customers. It’s a statement to the world – it’s what your audience will remember when they decide to work with you.

But how do you transfer that vision from your brain into cyberspace?

You already work 50 plus hours a week, on top of your hobbies, social obligations, and getting a solid 3 hours of sleep (and I guess exercise if you were bored with everything else).

Where are you going to find the time to put this into practice?

Let Solved Cycle Take the Following Off Your Hands:


Whether you need a new look or are starting from scratch, Solved Cycle can make your site stand out to your audience.


From troubleshooting website forms to building your email marketing systems. I can help.

Tech VA Support

Maybe you have everything set up, but just hate doing all the maintenance and busy work. Send it my way!

Solved Cycle Erik Harkness

Hi, I'm Erik Harkness

You might remember me from such projects as
“Honey! I Shrunk My Profile Picture,” or “Dr. Bing, Internet Surfer.
And today I’m here to pitch you about-“

~Just Kidding~

You don’t want someone to pitch you all their experience, you
just want someone who understands the situation your in.

Since becoming a Virtual Assistant in 2019, I understand how
hard it can be to see your business as a client when
everyone else needs something from you. It’s hard to build
everything from scratch.

I’ve learned how websites and automation systems work
and want to help save you time while increasing your income.

Where You Have Seen My Website Work:

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Susan Andrew's Piano Studio

SUsan Andrews had an older website that was running on wix, and needed help getting set up on wordpress so it was easier for her to monitor her website.


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